Business Process Methods and Tools in the Creation of Service Centers and Centers of Excellence

A common practice among the public and private sectors today, a Service Center or a COE is a centralized approach to allow better use of related resources and is designed to deliver needed services to the public or the business with improved quality, greater efficiency, and lower cost. Benefits are significant:

  • Emphasizes a holistic end-to-end perspective
  • Utilizes focused area of expertise
  • Improves quality through consistent and disciplined design and deployment
  • Creates greater efficiencies in delivery of expertise and services
  • Improves ability to manage demand and cost savings
  • Nurtures development of innovative and creative approaches to enterprise mission efforts

Participants will, through the use of transformation methods and tools, to create greater efficiencies in delivering expertise and services, improve the quality of services, and improve the management of demand and cost savings. Understand what business process management methods and tools were utilized in the creation of their service centers and centers of excellence, from beginning to the end This is a one-week course (mid-morning Monday to early afternoon Friday), offered on as needed basis.

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