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Project Management

Project Management Certificate Program (PMCP)

This specialization is designed to provide students with a broad background of managerial techniques and processes that is applicable to any type of organization. Through the combination of theory courses and appropriately selected Theoretical application courses, students may tailor this specialization to their individual needs.
The Project Management Certificate Program provides a comprehensive examination of project management processes, integrating technical tools with leadership and team communication skills. Individuals with experience in any industry who develop and manage projects will benefit from this program by learning:

  • Comprehensive review of the project management process
  • Reinforcement and linkage of project management theory to workplace application
  • Peer group learning in a cohort setting
  • Preparation for the Project Management certification examination (PMP exam)

The Project Management certificate is for individuals who are practicing professionals or who have direct management responsibility for project management.
The individuals should have incumbent knowledge and/ or a working understanding of project management.
Prior formal education or fours years experience in this field is preferable.
The Project Management Certificate Program requires the successful completion of 9 semester hours of coursework to include:

Course Description

Semester Hrs

TMGMT210 Project Management Context


MGMT211 Project Management Knowledge Areas - 1


MGMT212 Project Management Knowledge Areas - 2


Total credits – Project Management Certificate Program


MGMT 210 – Project Management Context 3 credits (Elective)
This first course provides an overview of, and introduction to, project management in the context of people, processes, tools and procedures. This course addresses the following areas: What is a Project? What is Project Management? Project Life Cycle Model, Project Management Processes, Process Mapping, Process Flow Diagrams, Project Management Documents, Project Stakeholders and Groups.
MGMT 211 – Project Management Knowledge Areas -1 3 credits (Elective)
This second course defines the scope for a project and developing a complete project overview statement. Developing a work breakdown structure (WBS) and the fundamentals of scheduling, including a review of the three constraints (Scope, Time, Cost) related to quality are included. This course addresses the following areas: Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, and Project Quality Management. Prerequisite: MGMT 210.
MGMT 212 – Project Management Knowledge Areas - 2 credits (Elective)
This course provides a review of control and tracking steps to ensure the project’s successful closure on time and within budget; Discussion on managing scope, change, and identify variances that require action; A review of PMP exam preparation and strategy. This course addresses the following areas: Project Human Resource Management, Project Communication Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, PMP Exam preparation. Prerequisite: MGMT 211.

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