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Shawn R. Key

Shawn R KeyMr. Shawn R. Key has over 20 years of experience in cyber security and information assurance. He has founded several successful services and product companies and currently is the CEO of CYBR  and also 21st Century Technologies, Inc. (21CT), a HUB Zone certified, Small Business cyber security solutions provider to commercial and federal organizations. Mr. Key has been the recipient of numerous disruptive technology awards and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for his patented software.

Mr. Key has designed and taught courses at the university and global level. He is featured regularly for his editorial works in various technology magazines including the highly prestigious Innovation and Tech Today. He is relied upon frequently by intelligence and defense organizations and his opinions are sought by countless organizations ranging from Middle Eastern financial institutions to CNN. He has received letters of commendation for his contributions to National Security as well as by Law Enforcement agencies, which he has been credited for prevention of mass casualties and the return of missing children, respectively. Mr. Key is constantly forwardly thinking about the next malicious acts and how to prevent them.

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