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Sergei Andronikov

Sergei AndronikovMKM Geospatial Program is led by Dr. Sergei Andronikov, an expert in the field of GIS and Geospatial Technology.

Dr. Andronikov is one of the pioneers in developing and applying GIS Technology. He has over 30 years of experience in Geospatial World: training, researching and conducting GIS business in the UK, the Netherlands, S-E Asia and in the US.

Dr. Andronikov is GIS product visionary and developer with an uncanny ability to conceptualize strategies, develop plans, acquire support, and drive technical execution as a GIS Executive Director;
He championed three Geospatial centers within local government, for-profits and academic, generating more than $1,000,000 revenue annually in multiple startup GIS-related projects; ecured financial support for GIS Operations from over 30 agencies, including ESRI, World Bank, USAID, NATO, the Royal Society and US state/federal governments; have averaged 250%+ annual return on GIS project investments

Outreaching the governmental agencies and the private sector he compiled an Executive Professional Training Program in Geospatial Intelligence to educate Federal managers and Executives with knowledge of Geospatial technology. Dr. Andronikov provided a broad range of professional training and research workshops in GIS data management, database design, spatial analysis, 3-D visualization, analysis and planning using GIS technology to faculty, city planners, real estate professionals, business managers and members of the community.

Dr. Andronikov was awarded as a “Key Geospatial Technical Contributor” for DARPA Challenge, received “Academic Excellence and Quality Award” from TBR, and International GIS Award “Special Achievement in GIS Technology” from ESRI, Inc. – a leading GIS Company.

Dr. Sergei Andronikov published 83 scientific research papers and technical reports in GIS, and participated at numerous National and International Scientific Conferences and Research Geospatial Forums.

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