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MKM Global Institute Education and Training

The education and training arm of MKM Global provides foundational education and training in an accelerated learning environment.

The MKM Global Institute is a virtual university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, technical certifications and executive management courses via online courses, asynchronous training modules, synchronous videoconferencing classrooms, Web-based meetings, face-to-face classes, business seminars and industrial visits.

Business and Management Budget Development and Management, Business Management and Development, Business Support Systems, Change Management, Contracting and Procurement Financial Management, Proposal Evaluation and Contract Negotiations, Quality Assuranc, Revenue Maximization, Start-up Development, Strategic Planning


Information Technology and Communications IT Management, Computer Science, Cyber Technology, Cyber Security, Data Management, Network Systems and Science 

Communications Licensed Telecom Services, Radio Access Network Development, Remote Sensing Satellite Services, Technology Strategy, Wireless Communications  

Education and Training Business Intelligence, Curriculum Design for On-Campus and  Remote Learning,  Enterprise Resource Planning Courses, Supply Chain Management Courses, Technology Management,Training Program Development Evaluation and Needs Assessment Seminars and Workshops  Technology Transfer .

Health Education Compliance Training, Health Economy, Education Information Management, Institutional Records Management, Public Health Evaluation, Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection Methodology, Statistical and Content Analysis.

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