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International Workshop on Sustainable Management For the 21st Century: ICTMKM-20


Welcome to the International Workshop on Sustainable Management For the 21st Century: Best Practices and Innovations (ICTMKM-20), to be held July x-z 2020 in Washington D.C.

MKM Global LLC, in collaboration with the University of North America, cordially invites you to participate in our three-day educational workshops in the Washington DC area with critical best practices presentations.

These workshops are essential for Business, government, and non-profit entities as all need to incorporate lessons learned from around the world to integrate information technology and security, human and technical resources, and principles of adaptability and sustainability in order to fulfill their missions and excel in their leadership.

The three-day workshops shall address the following broad areas and their critical nexus in continuous improvement and adaptation:

  • Cyber Security & Block Chain
  • Geospatial Information Systems
  • Leadership Management

MKM global is bringing together an international team of consultants, researchers, innovators, and educators to provide an intensive, accredited, and effective training experience covering state of the art concepts and the opportunity to present and discuss emerging challenges with other top leaders and managers. Our experience covers academic research in Engineering and Technology, Business Management, and Social Sciences and current, front-line work with major clients to implement the latest ideas, innovations, advancements, and developments.

Participants will be offered opportunities for informal discussion with the trainers and fellow leaders.

Important Dates:
Registration deadline: March 10,2020
Next scheduled training: April x, 2020

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